The cement in its current form and specifications is one of the leading discoveries which has caused a fundamental change in the movement and the pattern of building and construction. The cement industry has opened the great prospects in spreading and evolution of the modern constructions, hence, countries all over the world have accelerated to establish cement factories for its particular importance in building the national economy and considering it as the basic material necessary in building and construction works.

When Kuwait was experiencing a period of large-scale constructions and industrial activities, it urgently needed to establish cement industry in Kuwait, where the old buildings and constructions were limited to clay, gypsum, sea rocks and wooden ceilings (Rock and Gandal). Cement was not known before that in Kuwait until 1912, when cement entered Kuwait for the first time, by the American Mission when they brought in cement in wooden barrels to construct the American Hospital. Kuwaitis began to understand the importance of the said material in terms of soundness and strength and started using cement within a limited scope, given the high price thereof. Later, Kuwait Cement Company was established in the year 1968, which is a crowning new period of comprehensive increase of buildings in the country

The company set up its plant for producing cement in East Shuaiba Industrial Area which commenced production on 15th May 1972 with 300,000 MT of cement. The company has progressively developed through the years to increase the productivity of the plant to achieve its ambitious goal of keeping up with the construction boom and development projects strategies in the country, to ensure the continuity of supplying the local market requirements for cement at all times

The company increased the productivity of the plant in the year 1978 with several expansions by adding new mills through many stages, the last was in 2009 when the company finished a new mill, to reach the licensed design production capacity of the plant 3.8 million tons annually of cement, whereas the operating capacity has reached more than 5 million tons of cement annually, to become Kuwait Cement Company as one of the most important pillars in the edifice of national industry and the mainstay of development projects and construction in the country.