Managing Directors Report

Management of the company is undertaken by the Board of Directors consisting of ten members. Three of which are appointed by the government, The National Industries Group Company holding appoints two members, Al-Rashed General Trading and Contracting Company Limited appoints one member and four members are elected by secret ballot by the remaining shareholders.

The Management of the company is presided over by the Chairman and Managing Director who implements the policy of the board of directors according to the objectives and articles of association of the company. The company has appointed Executive Directors which is headed by the First Executive Director and technical cadres within the organizing structure that was set in a scientific and calculated manner. Such organizational structure helps to realize the functional tasks in a manner that leads to serving the general interest of the company and the customers.

The company endeavours to carry out its national duties and always aspires to realize technical employees to contribute to the development and advancement of the Kuwaiti industrial sector.


Executive Management:
Mr. / Abdul Muttalib Ismail Behbehani - Chief Executive Officer
Mr. / Mishal Abdul Mohsen Al-Rashid - Deputy chief executive officer
Mr. / Manoj Kumar Mishra - Executive Director – Operations