"Ramadi Cement" (Masonry cement)

"Ramadi Cement" (Masonry cement)

* Usage: The Ramadi Cement is used in all masonry works except the concrete works. This is because the standard specifications requirements of this type of cement determines a compressive strength at a minimum level and at a maximum level which is not high, so as to acquire the specifications and better efficiency that suit the finishing works. For this reason it cannot be used in the concrete works.

It is mostly used in the rendering works, internal plastering and outside facing (sigma), cement mortar, fixing the cement blocks, the limestone, the stones, the tiles and the curbstones, paving and concerting the floors and roofs, manufacture of light and soft mixtures, (foam and screed), manufacture of cement blocks and other cement products, as well as cement decoration works and the manufacture of plaster.

Regarding the method of use and the standards, the standards of the mixture for cement mortar are not different when using gray cement or ordinary cement. This is as per the specifications mentioned in the general specifications guidelines of the Ministry of Public Works (Buildings Department). The same standards and additions are used without change.

* Quality: This type of cement is characterized by a higher degree of softness that gives aesthetic touch to the construction works. It has a longer primary time for shrinking. This saves time for using cement mortar in the required manner and the ability to retain water for a longer time, giving the cement elasticity in becoming solid and lower the chance of having cracks when it is technically used properly.             

•    Specifications: This type of cement is manufactured in accordance with the British Standard Specifications (BSEN413-1:2004), the Gulf Standard Specifications (GSO413-1:2008) and the Kuwaiti Standard Specifications (KW413-1:2008).