All types of cement produced by the Company have high quality specifications and are typical to the standard specifications of Kuwait, Britain and the United States of America. To realize such standards, the company from the very beginning imports the raw materials that have quality specifications so as to ensure the high quality of producing cement. The company applies stringent quality checks all round the clock. The Central control room which is fully automated monitors the different stages of operation and production. Periodical examinations are carried out in the chemical and physical labs of the company which are equipped with the most advanced equipments. The laboratories are monitored by a number of highly efficient technical and scientific experts. Clinker as well as the produced Cement is also tested to make sure that they are typical to the standard specifications and enjoy good quality. This information are recorded periodically through the computer and constantly monitored.

In order to certify the quality of its products the Company renews the Specifications Certificate through making periodical examinations at the labs of the Ministry of Public works, as per the guidelines of weights and standard specifications. The Company targets providing the consumer a national strategic product that enjoys high quality which is certified and having reliable specifications.