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We are pleased to welcome you to Kuwait Cement Company’s website, which represents part of our efforts to increase communication with our clients and shareholders and gain their trust and satisfaction, while paying special attention to develop our products with absolute commitment to quality and, also, continue with the approach we adopted since the sixties, of adhering to the environmental laws and requirements, thus achieve best interest of the industrial development and national economy. For that purpose, we are relying on our industrial and technical expertise and, also, our firm objectives of utilizing our financial resources within our prudent policies, hence, realize growth to shareholders’ equity and earnings, develop our products and diverse the industrial foundation of our beloved country. We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to everyone who vested its trust in us as this was amongst the reasons of our success and leadership of the cement industry in Kuwait and the region.

Chairman’s Statement

Cement is deemed as an important strategic product, thus the countries persist to secure their needs of this product from local production as much possible, as this ensures delivering this product to the consumer at the desired level of quality while avoiding the issues of transport and long-time storage, since it is a final product vulnerable to weather conditions.


Based on the aforesaid, the idea of ​​establishing a cement plant in the country has emerged in the sixties by a group of national economic activists because the individuals in Kuwait are in desperate need for cement material for the construction and building of houses and others, chiefly in light of the revival witnessed by the region and the growing urban and industrial renaissance. This idea was supported by the State’s attention and encouragement to establish various industrial projects to diverse the sources of the economy and reduce the significant reliance on oil.


Therefore, Kuwait Cement Company was established pursuant to the Amiri Decree promulgated on 05th November 1968, and hence it was able to play a significant role throughout the past 50 years in supporting the Kuwaiti economy. This resulted in the Company retaining forefront position amongst the industrial companies, and realizes its objectives of developing the cement industry in the State of Kuwait, preserve the quality of its products, stabilize the cement prices in the local market, and implement its ambitious plans of building an advanced and integrated industry that would serve the country and its citizens.


Kuwait Cement Company is able (with God’s willing) to continue, as it has been for the past five decades, performing its role as a major partner in the country’s urban and industrial development. On this occasion, on behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, I would like to acknowledge the great role of the Government of Kuwait for supporting the national economic activity and providing opportunities to the national private companies to participate in the development plan of the county, which gives hope for the return of Kuwait as the commercial and economic center in the region, with God’s willing, as it used to be in the past. I would like also to extend my sincere thanks to the honorable shareholders for their great trust in the Board of Directors and Executive Management of the Company. We are proud of this trust as it constituted a strong motivation for us to strive for achieving the Company’s interests and prosperity.


Rashed Abdulaziz Al-Rashed


1.Our vision

We seek to establish cement industry in the State of Kuwait and maintain its position as a leading Company in the production of various types of cement locally and regionally through excellence in terms of quality, customer service, price and production capacity. We also seek to make the Company the most trustworthy for its clients and partners in terms of production, solutions and services in the cement industry.

2. Our Mission

Our mission is to continue performing our role as key partner in the urban, industrial and economic development in the country, preserve the environment by providing environmental mechanisms and systems aiming to support the sustainable development of cement industry by using the latest environment friendly technology, make the Company the most attractive place for the national manpower, provide safe and stable work environment for workers and contribute to community service and development.

3.Our Objectives

Our objectives are to increase the volume of our sales and acquire significant share of the cement market in Kuwait, by communicating and providing the best services to our existing and prospective clients and building strong relationships with them, strengthening the Company’s position and establishing high confidence among clients by supplying the Kuwaiti cement to them with high quality and conformity to the Kuwaiti and international standards.

4. Our Values

We aspire excellent performance of our works and services by adhering to the values ​​of integrity, excellence, team work spirit, mutual respect and customer satisfaction, safeguarding shareholder’s rights and providing them best earnings, providing safe work environment for employees and caring for them, as well as adhering to social responsibility.

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