12 Nov 2019
Kuwait Cement Company conducts a successful evacuation drill in the Cement House building Kuwait Cement Company (KSCP) on Thursday, 31st October 2019, at 10:00 AM, in co-ordination with Ministry of Interior / General Directorate of Civil Defense, conducted a successful evacuation drill, for all its employees and tenants in the main building of the General Administration (Cement House building) located in Sawaber Area, Sharq, Kuwait City. The evacuation drill was completed successfully and the result of the evaluation was excellent in co-ordination with General Administration of Civil Defense team, which was in place allocated for the drill, accompanied by para-medical staff on ambulance which reflected the keenness and commitment to the success of the drill with all the necessary requirements. Kuwait Cement Company would like to thank the General Directorate of Civil Defense for their efforts and dedication shown to support and make the drill a success. In addition, Kuwait Cement Company would like thank all the tenants and its employees, for their sincere co-operation they exhibited which reflects the civilized appearance which should be for Kuwait Cement Company.