Project of deploying the used tires as source of
alternative fuel in the kilns of Clinker production

As part of the Company’s efforts for several years to take advantage of the used shredded tires as source of alternative fuel in the kilns of Clinker production, we are currently working on obtaining the licenses necessary for the combustion process as well as the importation and installation of feeding equipment from one of the largest European companies that enjoys vast experience in combustion of used tires. As such, the Company will be able, with the plant it retains and its production capacity, equipment and sizable assets, to make cement manufacturing in the State of Kuwait an example, and becomes amongst the environment friendly industrial enterprises and companies. The Company’s vision with respect to social responsibility remains to be working on the development of domestic cement industry and providing all its types to the local market, while preserving the environment and caring for maintaining safe environmental surrounding by adopting optimal methods of limiting environment pollution, as well as working on ensuring sustainable development of the cement industry in line with the national directives and objectives.


It is worth mentioning that the Board of Director’s report of year 2017 made mention of the success of its experiment in combustion dozens of tons of used tires chips in the first kiln (Line 1) at the cement plant in Shuaiba district without causing adverse environmental or operational impacts. This experiment was carried out with participation by officials from the Public Authority for Environment and the Public Authority for Industry, and under the supervision of Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology UMSICHT, based in Germany, which is the largest organization for applied research in Europe.