Keen to continue fulfilling its national responsibilities, the Company always works on providing the cement to the local market using its daily production hence avoid storage operations that could weaken cement strength. Cement is marketed directly in the local market to the citizens, contractors as well as housing, government and investment projects, in addition to industrial and contracting companies, commercial outlets and retailers. Cement is sold at affordable prices not subject to speculation nor sudden fluctuations. The Company also offers cement delivery service to all areas in Kuwait, as it made this available through a transport contractor having large fleet of trucks designated for transporting both packed and bulk cement, or it can be delivered onboard the clients’ trucks at its plant in Shuaiba district for both bulk and packed cement, or at the station for packaging bulk cement at Abdullah Port, as per client’s wish.

Customer Service and Sales Centers

In addition to meeting clients’ wants of providing all their needs of high quality cement of all types, Kuwait Cement Company is also known for its distinct services to clients, where it assigned a highly qualified team to manage marketing and sales operations, receive the clients and conclude their requests and respond to their queries, whether in the Sales Hall at Cement House – administration headquarters – in Sharq area or at the other sales centers. The Company has sought over the past five decades to consolidate its relationship with its clients by providing distinct service and opening channels of communication with them on continuous basis, which enabled the Company to retain its leading position at all times.


In order to facilitate client service, the Company has allocated five points for the sale and distribution of cement, which are the main sales hall at Cement House – administration headquarters – in Sharq area, the Company’s plant in East Industrial Shuaiba district, the station for packaging bulk cement at Abdullah Port, and the two cement distribution centers at both Sabhan and Amghara areas.


The Company also welcomes the Kuwaiti citizens, who hold mortgage loans and receive State’s support for cement, at its administration headquarters, where a dedicated team concludes processing their applications. These citizens are also served through a special computerized system to ensure confidentiality of their data, accurate and speedy implementation of procedures and supply of cement.

?Why Kuwait Cement

  • Fifty years of experience and excellence in cement manufacture and serving development and national economy.


  • The only Company in Kuwait that manufactures clinker and cement locally and covering all phases of manufacturing, thus make cement                               available to local markets at all times.


  • A leading national industrial Company in Kuwait that was able to achieve excellence with its cement products at the local and regional                             levels.


  • The Company manufactures cement in its plants at Shuaiba district on daily basis, thus avoids storage operations the imported cement is                           exposed to which affect its properties adversely.


  • High production capacity that allows the Company to provide for and meet clients’ demands for all types of cement at all times.


  • Distinct and consistent cement properties thus ensure the best degrees of strength, durability and homogeneity.


  • All products of the Company are in conformity with the Kuwaiti, Gulf, American and British standard specifications.


  • Cement is tested regularly at the Company’s physical and chemical laboratories using the latest equipment and standards. The production is            also monitored by quality control department at the plant to ensure                             quality and consistent specifications.


  • Periodic tests approved by the laboratories of the Ministry of Public Works.


  • The Company holds the certificate of Quality-Mark from the Public Authority for Industry.


  • The Company holds the certificate ISO 9001:2008.


  • The Company holds the certificate of Quality which is endorsed by the American Petroleum Institute (API).


  • The Company uses the best and finest raw materials as well as the latest technological equipment and devices.


  • Delivery of the bulk cement through the Company’s plant at Industrial Shuaiba district and at the Station of bulk cement at Abdullah Port.


  • Ability to manufacture any type of cement according to market and clients’ requirements.


  • Excellent service to clients together with prompt supply and delivery.

Projects Using Our Products

Using the cement produced in its plant at East Industrial Shuaiba district for more than five decades, Kuwait Cement Company has participated in many mega development projects in Kuwait covering almost all sectors, namely construction, roads, housing, health, education, oil, electricity and infrastructure, including the latest projects such as:

Road Sector: Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge Project (main connection and Doha connection)

Road Sector: Jahra Road, Gamal Abdel Nasser Road, and others

Housing Sector: Such as Sabah Al-Ahmad City, Jaber Al-Ahmad City, Saad Al-Abdullah City, Fahad Al-Ahmad City, Abdullah Al-Mubarak City, Mubarak Al-Abdullah City, Northwest Sulaibikhat City, South Sura City, West Abdullah Al-Mubarak, Wafra Residential Area, South Muttlaa, East Taima and other residential cities.

Health Sector: Such as Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital, New Sabah Hospital, Cancer Center, Social Security Hospital. Also, several expansions of hospitals, such as Amiri Hospital, Al-Razi Hospital and Infectious Diseases Hospital and others.

Education Sector: Such as Sabah Al-Salem University City Project (colleges of Social Science, Law, Islamic Studies, Management Science, Engineering, Petroleum, Sciences and also Facilities for Academic Support and and others). In addition to several schools at the new residential cities and others.

Oil Sector: Such many project of the New Zour Refinery, the Fares Lower Layer of Heavy Oil Project at Ratqa, the Sulfur Handling Project at Abdullah Port, and others.